The Abm, The Miracle Solution For B2B Actoras?

Successful behavioral targeting with solutions such as Marketing Automation enabled better customization of leads on the Web. Yet these digital tools alone have their limitations. That’s why Account Based Marketing is becoming increasingly popular in the B2B world. What is the ABM? Account Based Marketing is a B2B marketing strategy that focuses its marketing and sales efforts on key accounts, generating more revenue than other customers and  being renowned players in their markets . Thus, instead of addressing a broad audience, we will build communication actions with the most profitable, sustainable and…

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“Fred” Or The New Google Algrtham Update

New Google Algrtham

Strong variations have recently been perceived by users and tracking tools of Google SERPs, thus suggesting an update of the Google algorithm under the name of “Fred” . Since 9 March 2017, sites have complained that their traffic is falling sharply. To explain this phenomenon, tools such as Algoroo  show an unexpected increase in volatility indices in the research results in March 2017 : This volatility is reflected in part by two tweets from Glen Gabbe, a Digital Marketing consultant, who shows on one side a drop in traffic for one site and the opposite result for another. Voir l’image sur…

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