4 Good Reasons To Switch To Inbound Markiting To Genrate Leads

Whether you call it inbound marketing or content marketing , whatever, this digital strategy, which involves attracting prospects to you instead of interrupting them in their activities, will boost your campaigns. Here (at least) 4 good reasons to switch to inbound marketing . 1. Segmenting: You target an individual and you accompany him / her throughout his or her purchase path. Instead of sending the same email to your entire contact database, you can focus your efforts on prospects that you know are really interested and send them the right…

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What Is Growth Hacking?

technical teams

The term has become a “buzzword” but do we really know what growth is justhacking ? First used to describe the startling success of some start-ups , this word is now used in all types of companies.And why not yours ? Let’s see what growth hacking is ¬†and how to get inspired . The growth hacking is: Going off the beaten track … The strategy is to find an innovative element to rely on toaccelerate very rapidly and very strongly its growth. All the trades of a company are concerned…

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