OffShoure Computing: Cultural Diffrence With Madascar

Cultural Diffrence With Madascar

The French business community knows little or very little about Madagascar. A good reason for Bocasay to lift the veil on this beautiful island. Very far on a planisphere, Madagascar seems to be at the other end of the earth. But when you look at the time zones, it almost does not feel. Only one hour separates Antananarivo and Paris in summer, 2 hours in winter, the same as for London. Another point of rapprochement, the Malagasy speak and work in French. This is an asset when working with a company based there. Moreover, their way…

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Do You Need To Outsource Your Web Copyright?

Web Copyright

Content is king! That’s it, are you also convinced? Good. Now remains to be seen who will produce all of these quality content that will attract customers to you. Thinking about outsourcing your web copywriting ? This can prove to be an effective solution, especially at first. If you are in the early stages of your digital transformation, it is a safe bet that you do not have the necessary resources internally. So you need to find people who can create these content that have to meet: be  informative and documented  to meet the needs of your targets satisfy…

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