How To Choose Your Communication Media?

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Choosing your communication mediums , You can no longer succeed in a communication campaign without the use of the internet. This trend is imposed by Internet users who have invaded the web and make platforms their second home. Today, the Internet has become a planet in its own right and can do all kinds of activities: commerce, learning, entertainment, among others. As a result, the web offers us real advantages in the process of making an activity known through several elements that can be useful to us. With the help of several supports, we…

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Why Smes Still Do not Have The Offshore Reflex for The Development of Their It Projects?

computer offshore

Originally, during the boom of the computer offshore in France in the 2000s, major groups have started to open development centers (especially in India) of several tens, or even hundreds of developers. The return on investment was only valid for very large projects because the preparation and supervision phases required for the success of these offshore IT projects were an unacceptable extra cost for small projects. The only offshore solutions for SMEs were local small businesses with all the known problems of quality and sustainability of companies. Many SMEs have been disappointed by these…

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