4 Digital Markiting Trends In 2018!

Digital Markiting Trends In 2016!

To begin this new year, we will give you some ideas on the major digital marketing trends that should animate 2016 . Here are the 4 main trends we have selected for your next webmarketing actions:

1st trend: Strengthening the personalization of your marketing campaigns

Numerical tools make it easy to retrieve data – these famous Big Data – and therefore knowledge of the habits and expectations of your customers . What content do they upload? When? At what frequency ? What is their behavior on social networks? Or: Who opens your e-mails? By analyzing all of these data you can now find out where your target is in its purchasing process and what types of information it is looking for. So you only offer it relevant content and you maximize your chances of accompanying it to the end of its purchasing process.

2nd trend: Authenticity, the key to creating commitment and link

Content is king? Not so simple … It is not enough to publish in bulk to attract leads and then convert them into a customer.

In order to generate quality leads on the web, your target audience must be able to offer relevant and quality content . Translation: no need to drown your visitor under the superlatives touting your product if it just begins its research.
Talk to him first about his problem and the solutions that exist. Or better: give him the testimony of one of his peers. It will be easier totrust .The consumer is looking for authenticity . This explains in part the success of social networks where “real people” communicate. To be accepted, a brand must therefore apply these  codes  and ban the one-way advertising discourse .

3rd trend: Virtual reality for (almost) all

marketing trends 2016While it may take several hundred euros for a virtual reality helmet, this technology is now (almost) within reach of everyone.

At a time when customers are always demanding more experience and experience, this is amarketing trend not to be neglected in 2016 .
In November, the New York Times distributed the Google Mapboard helmet to its subscribers in the weekend print edition, so that they could discover a series of 4 reports in virtual reality.

4th trend: Connected objects

As often, Apple probably gave the boost that the market was expecting. While several players, not least of them – like Samsung or Sony for example – were already present in the niche of connected objects, the apple brand sent a strong signal by launching its apple watch in 2015. The giant so the American believes in the potential of connected objects .

Most innovations unveiled today at the CES ( Consumer Electronic Show ) in 2016 Samsung CES belt connectedLas Vegas – the high mass of new technologies – are devoted to these objects – also called “wearables ” – that willinvade our daily lives .

Belt equipped with sensors to monitor our health (photo opposite, supplied by Samsung), car without driver or appliances that “dialogue” with each other: the possibilities are immense and no longer belong to science fiction.

Do not wait any longer to study more closely the potential of this type of objects for digital marketing and especially for local marketing .

And what do you think are the 2016 trends for digital marketing ?


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