4 Good Reasons To Switch To Inbound Markiting To Genrate Leads

Whether you call it inbound marketing or content marketing , whatever, this digital strategy, which involves attracting prospects to you instead of interrupting them in their activities, will boost your campaigns. Here (at least) 4 good reasons to switch to inbound marketing .

1. Segmenting:
You target an individual and you accompany him / her throughout his or her purchase path.
Instead of sending the same email to your entire contact database, you can focus your efforts on prospects that you know are really interested and send them the right message. To do this, it is not a question of using a divinatory science but rather of segmenting your contact base according to the behaviors of these contacts on the Web and social networks .

Divide and rule

The type of downloaded content and how often , but also theinteractions on social networks or information provided via a form: all this information will guide you to optimize your campaign and maximize your chances of reaching your target. For example, if you offer support services on social networks and you want to attract human resources managers who are looking to develop their employer brand, you can write blog posts on this topic and then offer your readers to download a a practical guide on “The steps to build your employer brand on social networks”. From there, your prospects become identified , “personified” leads. You will be able to follow their behavior. Then  feed them regularlyinto content (known as lead nurturing ) until you feel they are “mature” to be contacted by a sales team .

2. Measure:
You have real-time control tools-m
any companies are somewhat distraught in the face of the rise of digital and especially social networks. How can you benefit from the fact that your prospects exchange everyday lots of informationwith their network on these digital channels?. Moreover, even the courageous who have already taken the plunge, still often wonder how to analyze the impact of thousands of “Likes” on Facebook or followers on Twitter? Considered in isolation, thesebrands of commitment on the part of your potential clients are actually not a very relevant indicator to guide your strategy.

Tools to measure and automate actions

As part of an inbound marketing strategy, you will set up a platform that will allow you to centralize the management of all your actions and to automate tasks while having a constant overview of the reactions your prospects at time T .

Previously, you knew that someone had opened or read your email.Now this information will be integrated with the other information received in real time via the different channels : such a person has downloaded such form of landing pages , she has clicked on this or that call-to-action , she has retweet such blog article, etc. This allows you to fine-tune the “portrait robot” of your lead , to better understand its expectations and its positioning in the tunnel of conversion that leads to the purchase.

Depending on all of its actions on the Web, your target receives a number of points; this is the lead scoring . The score obtained directs him towards a particular workflow. A lead that gets a high score, so close to the decision to buy, will be offered a product demonstration, while a less mature lead will be directed to awebinar to help him mature his thinking. There are many automation marketing solutions ( Hubspot , Marketo ,Eloqua or SharpSpring for example). To help you choose the tool that best suits you, you can consult comparatives or use an agency to analyze your needs and accompany you throughout the implementation.

3. Transforming:
Reaping better leads

From what we have just seen, thanks to inbound marketing you manage to get in touch with prospects who have expressed an interest in your offers and then you maintain and strengthen the link as content ” consumed “by these leads. Thus, when your marketing teams pass on to the sales teams , you are in a doubly favorable situation : a salesperson who has as much information as possible about his customer potential and on whom your company already projects a positive image. In other words, conditions that multiply the probabilities of achieving a sale. Inbound marketing delivers 54% more leads in the conversion tunnel than “classic” or outbound marketing.

4. Distinguish
yourself : You build your expert image

As you share quality content, you enter into a virtuous circle. You attract prospects to you – which is already a very good point – and at the same time you are also helping to  build your image as an expert; which will further enhance the attractiveness of your business to potential customers.

In addition, all your spoken words on social networks, and especially on blogs will have a positive impact on your natural SEO . This will also make you more visible , and therefore more attractive, to prospects who will inevitably go through Google to begin their searches. 57% of the purchase process is done before even talking to a salesperson!

That’s why implementing an inbound marketing strategy will allow you to conduct more effective marketing campaigns by building atrusted relationship with your leads .

The segmentation and personalization made possible by digital tools make it possible to reach the right prospect at the right time .

Everyone is a winner. Your prospect has found the answer to his problem and you have increased the number of qualified leads that will therefore be more inclined to turn into customers … satisfied with more!

If you need advice for your digital strategy , do not hesitate to contact us.

And you, what are the reasons that you will (or did you) switch to inbound marketing?

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