5 Mistek To Avoid For His Landing Page

You’ve succeeded in attracting your visitor to the landing page , do not run away now! In order to present your premium content offer , you must avoid falling into the basic traps that are regularly found in landing pages. Let’s see how you will succeed in getting around the 5 most common mistakes.

Error # 1: Keep browsing

All too often, I come across landing pages that are fully embedded in a website or blog. It’s a shame because by keeping the visual architecture around the offer, we do not allow the user to focus  on what is offered.

Here is an example of a landing page that kept the visual structure of the website:

problem landing page

My advice: clean the landing page of any navigation. This allows your user to focus only on what you want him to do: fill out the form!

Here is an example of a good landing page:

example landing page

Error # 2: Request too much information in the form

The temptation is great, you want to know the name, the first name, the company but also its email, its telephone and then its function in the company and why not its hobby of the weekend ?!

For the number of fields , there are no rules, you must evaluate the value of your premium content in relation to what the user will be inclined to give you.

In principle, premium content at the top of the tunnel conversion (in discovery) will require less information than content at the bottom of the tunnel conversion (in decision).

Here is an example of a discovery form:

landing page form

Error # 3: Omit an explanation about the offer

Do not present your “raw stripping” offer with only a presentation phrase and a form (as in the example of error # 1).

First, reassure your visitor with the keywords that allowed him to land on this page.

Then, clearly present your offer : is the objective to download a white paper? to register for a webinar? to participate in an event?

Finally, summarize succinctly the benefits that the user will gain by filling out the form. Use a bulleted list for easy reading and highlight keywords with bold.

Here is an example of a good layout (from Kinoa :)):

Error # 4: Add sharing buttons on social networks … on the Thank you page

And yes, watch out for this fatal mistake! It is necessary to make sure to put the buttons of sharing on the social networks on the page that proposes the content but certainly not on the Thank you  !

You would allow anyone who has just downloaded your white paper to broadcast it widely … without going through the form box. Farewell leads!

Error # 5: Indexing the Thank You Page

If you do not do anything, Google’s nice robots will index your Thank You page with your content (white paper, for example). You would see this page stand out in the search results pages (SERP) which would allow users to directly access your content without leaving their contact details. Farewell leads bis!

To avoid this trap, ask the Google robot not to index this page! Simply add in the robots.txt: “Disallow: / name-page-landing”

If you are wondering how to successfully complete your landing page, go to our article ”  How to make a perfect landing page  “

You are now trimmed to avoid the 5 big mistakes in creating a landing page. It’s your turn !

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