6 Ways to Make Printing Activities Of Your Office More Eco-Friendly

6 Ways to Make Printing Activities Of Your Office More Eco-Friendly

If you are an environmentalist who runs a business, then you will definitely be looking into making your office eco-friendly. As such, not only will your business make a profit, but it will do so without harming the environment. This will boost up the image of your business in front of the public. However, one area that people tend to forget to focus on is eco-friendly printing. Below, we will look at six ways you can make the business printing activities of your office pro-environment.

Go Greyscale

One of the best ways to go green is by setting up the printer to print pages in grayscale by default. This will extend the life of ink cartridges. As a result, only less number of ink cartridges needs to be used. As a side benefit, your printing expenses will also go lower. Unfortunately, many office staff tends to get their pages printed in color even though the entire content of a page is only black and white. This is obviously an unnecessary waste. The best way to deal with the issue is to train the office staff on the correct usage of the printer. They must be trained to only use grayscale printing for all their black and white printing needs.


A big part of printing expense is the paper used for the printing. Many businesses use high quality paper for all their printing needs. This is actually a wasteful way to manage your printing.  It is recommended that you store two kinds of paper at your office – a cheaper one a high quality one. Use the cheaper paper for printing documents that will only circulate in your office. And for any document that needs to be sent to other parties like customers, creditors etc., use the high quality one. In addition, try to use both sides of the paper for printing. Many office staff members tend to use only a single side of a paper for printing. As a result, when only 5 papers need to be printed on, the office ends up using 10 instead. This is a total waste of both time and resources while also being very harmful for the environment.

Power Consumption

In an office, the printer is usually left switched on so that anyone can use it to quickly print their documents. But keeping the printer turned on uses unnecessary power that could have been used elsewhere. As such, the best thing to do will be to switch off the printer when not in use. However, if the printer is used very often, then switching it off and on multiple times can turn out to be bad for the machine. In such situations, look for a power save mode on the printer and activate it. This will ensure that the printer is always ready when needed while keeping the power consumption very low.

Printer Rating

Always check the ratings of the printer to see that you are actually selecting an eco-friendly printer. Such printers have been designed to use far less electricity than the regular printers while never compromising on the quality of printing. Usually, the specifications of the printer will be mentioned in the printing machine’s storage box itself. But if you are unable to find out whether a printer is eco-friendly or not, check in with the local store owner about the same.


If you do not wish to waste time trying to be as eco-friendly as possible with your printing, then you should definitely try to outsource the printing activities. Managed printing services like Xeretec are known to provide, reliable, top-notch printing services at competitive rates while following strict environment-friendly printing processes. Get in touch with them and they should be able to clear all your doubts regarding eco-friendly printing.


One main environmental concern of printing is in the disposal of ink and toners. Though they are essential components of a printer, they are highly hazardous. As such, they must be disposed of in the right way. If you just throw them out of the room and into the ground, then the material inside the ink and toners can leak and cause damage to the soil. So, make sure that you get in touch with a waste collector or recycler and routinely hand over the finished ink cartridges and toners to them. Since they are experts at disposing of waste, they can take care of the cartridge and toner in a way that does the least harm to the environment.

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