7 Good Practice For Effective Content Markiting

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The share of content marketing in digital strategies continues to grow . As a result, competition is increasingly tough to position your white papers, blog posts and other content at the top of Google’s search results. At the same time, the audience becomes more demanding .That’s why we’re delivering 7 best practices for effective content marketing . Do not wait to implement them. Of the 10 companies, 7 said they wanted to produce more marketing content in 2015 compared to the previous year according to the European study conducted by Hubspot .

1. Be true to your image

Consumers first seek information by their own means, from their network or through customer feedback as they seek authenticity . Thus, your marketing content must not only answer their problems but also sound “right” in relation to your image, your values . How can the American giant General Electric add up to more than15,000 subscribers on Twitter and close to 72,000 on its Youtube channel? The enthusiasm for this brand that is not particularly “glamorous” is that it has gathered around it all those who share its taste for science and innovation .

2. Share trends and know-how

Your content marketing  should help your target audience torespond to one of its problems .This requires upstream work as it is necessary to define a detailed profile of your targets and their expectations. But offering so-called “How to” content (ie explaining how to do this or that) is paying off.While 58% of consumers trust the content produced by brands, this rate increases to 74% when they are pedagogical. The marketing teams of GoToMeeting online conferencing softwarehave understood this. They share many tricks around the theme of distance work, productivity in the office, work organization. This has earned them more than 50,000 followers on Twitter .

3. Prefer your own content

Here, it is not a question of advising you to stop the content cure.Unless you have an armada of full-time contributors to feed your social networks and write your case studies, it is obviously necessary to share content produced by others.

The recommendation that deals with the originality of your content is mainly to warn you about the use of content seen and reviewed .Be  careful, for example, when using  pictures from the image banks.

With several hundred blog posts published every minute – there were already 347 per minute in 2012 –  your reader, who has surely already consulted 10 to 20 content on the same theme, will be all themore attentive if his eye is attracted by a visual that he has never “crossed”. And he will also be more inclined to share it with his network.

4. Mention your sources

Again, it is about authenticity and therefore credibility . An unspecified percentage will have little scope in the end. While if your reader knows that it is the result of a study by experts from a representative sample, the impact will be quite different .

And better yet, if you are the source of a serious and comprehensive study on the topic that interests your prospect, you will score points by confirming your position as an expert in this field.

5. Naturally gain the attention of your targets

This is the principle of the virtuous circle . The more your content will be acclaimed and shared, the more credible they will be judged by the same community.

That is why it is so crucial to respect the previous points. This is evidenced by the success of the Mint application , from 1 to almost 15 million users in 5 years. The personal finance management service is often given as an example because the company has chosen to invest in a broad content platform aimed at attracting its target: young professionals, suspicious of historical banking institutions. This high-quality content offer, well targeted, largely explains its rapid success.

6. Facilitate sharing

After you have made so much effort to make your content attractive and therefore acclaimed, it would be a shame to fail so close to the goal.

Place share buttons so your content can be streamed to an entire network with a single click. Consider also proposing your content on different platforms.

7. Banish the commercial speech

Last but not least, this last point could be fatal to you! The slightest sense of disguised advertising and the whole laboriously constructed relationship with your prospect collapses.

Be patient . Thanks to content marketing, you will succeed in attracting better quality leads because they are really interested in your offer. There, it will be time to offer them a comparative or a demonstration to break the nail.

Do not hesitate to call on an agency to help you determine what content to generate leads .

Find all these good practices detailed and encrypted in the graphics produced by Insights in Marketing  and which inspired this article:

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