Application Whitelisting and Why your Business Should Use it

Application Whitelisting and Why your Business Should Use it

The mysterious world of anti-virus software is not something the average person ventures into, and for most of us, the knowledge that the software protects our data against cyber-attack is enough. Yet, traditional anti-virus programs work on a blacklisting principle, locking out known malicious code, which is contained within the virus definition database, and this database grows daily, as new viruses must be added. This type of protection is basically flawed, as any new and very destructive virus would sail right past this type of screening, as the virus is unknown to the software. Not only that, blacklisting takes up a large part of your valuable computing resources, with virus databases that stretch into the 50 Megabyte range, and when you consider that this must be installed on all the PCs, you can kiss goodbye a chunk of your storage space.

Application Whitelisting

As the name suggests, this software is focused on what is known and trusted, and only allows specific files to open. If a virus is hiding in a file, but that file is never opened, then you are protected, and once the whitelist has been created, only those known and trusted files can open. There are developers with whitelist apps that can be tailored to the customer, and can benefit any organisation from the one man show to the multi-national corporation.

Free Up Valuable Resources

Application whitelisting is not only 100% secure, it also uses very little of your computer resources, and with no bulky virus databases to install, you do not lose much of your valuable disk space. It is now possible to have total protection, and without the bulky and time consuming properties of traditional blacklisting applications, your computers will run much more efficiently, and this will benefit your organisation in many ways.


The administrator can change the whitelist whenever they wish, and with an easy to use interface and many powerful tools, you can effectively monitor your network and have the ability to track suspicious files and quarantine if necessary. There are also tools to help you trace the origin of any malicious code that attempts to infect your data, and with many other options, you are in control and can always monitor traffic.

Simple Deployment and Operation

Modern whitelisting applications offer the online business many benefits, and unlike some types of software, you do not need a degree in computer science to use it. By using a third party software developer who knows his stuff, you and your staff will soon become proficient using the whitelist application.

Ticks All the Boxes

Application whitelisting has so many benefits for the user that is is not surprising to see how popular it has become. Like any other industry, anti-virus practices have greatly improved, and the benefits are enjoyed by many organisations.

If you would like your business to become more efficient and receive total protection against cyber-attack, there are established software developers who can help you to make the transition from the traditional blacklisting form of protection.

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