Do You Need To Outsource Your Web Copyright?

Web Copyright

Content is king! That’s it, are you also convinced? Good. Now remains to be seen who will produce all of these quality content that will attract customers to you. Thinking about outsourcing your web copywriting ? This can prove to be an effective solution, especially at first. If you are in the early stages of your digital transformation, it is a safe bet that you do not have the necessary resources internally.

So you need to find people who can create these content that have to meet:

  • be  informative and documented  to meet the needs of your targets
  • satisfy the optimization rules for natural SEO in  order to ensure you a good place in the search results
  • and last but not least, they must also be pleasant to read because we are not robots, unlike Google!

1. How to assess the skills of a good copywriter?

Here is a first good reason to outsource your web copywriting and call on an agency to provide you with an adequate copywriter. Do you have the means to evaluate the skills of a good copywriter ? Do you know the SEO criteria of the major search engines? If you answered no to at least one of these two questions, outsourcing is surely the best solution. By trusting a third party for recruitment, you take no risk. The agency is committed to providing you with a person who will be immediately operational and up-to-date with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) trends .

2. Experience is good!

Time is money. Here is a good old formula that remains current. So, of course, there are now ways to train yourself in both web writing and natural referencing techniques.
But do you really have free time in your schedule to participate in MOOC (Massive Online Open Courses) or webinars?

And above all, is it by producing content that you can bring the most added value to your business?

An editor whose main activity is to produce content, will write faster and better than you , despite all your investment.
As in all trades, thanks to experience, one acquires automatisms , one already knows the best tools . Thus, it takes no more two hours to search for the best key word and then two more hours to write a title.

3. Finding topics is complicated? Talk to you …

By outsourcing your web copywriting, you will appeal to a person coming from the outside who will bring you a new look . Internally, there is a tendency to no longer perceive the wealth of resources available. It is sometimes enough of a little dusting, in other words rewriting, to give a new youth to contents that you thought condemned forever. Another scenario: when creating a site, independent advice may also be useful. Depending on its competence and the scope of its mission, an editor can advise you on your editorial strategy , on the form of the content to be produced.
Besides the famous newsletters and other blog articles, there is a whole range of content that non-editors do not always think about: quizzes, white papers, interviews, computer graphics, etc.

4. Time for reflection

Finally, outsourcing your web copywriting will give you time to better understand your needs. Accompanied by a seasoned editor, you will put in place your editorial strategy , your production schedule , your workflow (the circuit that goes from the conception of a content to its putting on line by detailing the validation systems), your editorial charter if you do not have one, and so on. A whole machine that does not improvise. Once these items are asked, you will be able to assess whether a long-term recruitment is necessary or not. In the meantime, you can browse  our outsourcing web drafting solutions.

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