E-Commerce – 10 Tips to Develop Your Online Store

Develop Your Online Store

e-Commerce  – Tips to Increase Profits From Your Online Store

Nowadays, creating an e-commerce shop   has become accessible to most of us, thanks to the diversification and multiplication of online store creative solutions, digital agencies and the ease of finding live developers via dedicated platforms. But how to stand out in this jungle of  e-Commerce  that sees the emergence of hundreds of e-commerce sites every day . I will share with you my advice that I could acquire by my experience and especially the “Best Practice” that I will recommend to anyone wishing to develop its  e-Commerce site .

The choice of technology / solution

First, choosing your e-Commerce solution / platform will impact your site. It is therefore important not to neglect this step. There are turnkey solutions that allow you to create an e-commerce site in minutes such as  Wix .Then there are much more advanced CMS such as Prestashop, Dupral, WordPress or Hybris which will allow you a certain freedom through the purchase of some plugins to customize your best customer experience. Some CMS require advanced skills to fully utilize them.

Then there are home-made CMS by the agencies themselves.

What will differentiate all these solutions is well:

  • Operation
  • The possibilities of customization (Via plugins, themes)
  • Flexibility
  • Web knowledge

For someone wishing to launch their online shop, the first price solutions are very good to begin with. You can then evolve your shop to a more suitable platform at the right time.

For large companies, I recommend that you anticipate your online presence strategy to the maximum, so as not to take a solution that is not adapted to your future needs and to be forced to give up ideas because the limits of your current platform will prevent you from realizing your desires and that to change platform will be a heavy process at the human and technical level.

Define your target market

Defining your target market will help you in realizing your digital strategy, your presence on the Internet and especially on how to attract these customers and keep them loyal.

Moreover, it will help you greatly to improve your user experience, your customer experience.

Of course one wants to touch all visitors when one is on the Internet, but the best way is first to conquer your target to maximize your turnover.

So focus on reaching your target and then once you reach that goal, you can expand slowly to reach other populations.

Adapting your site and strategy to the peripherals of our time

At the present time, it is very important to have a “responsive” site, that is to say that adapts perfectly to the sizes of the different peripherals that will use your visitors, Computer, Tablets but also smartphone. This will allow for an optimal customer experience on these different devices. Do not neglect this point. According to FEVAD, mobile sales represent 27% today, so consider the importance of offering a customer path adapted to these devices. Also a mobile application may be welcome according to your industry. Example: Facebook accounts for 75% of mobile connections in France.

Of course, anything on your regular site (Desktop) may not be useful on a mobile site or an application. So consider these points when developing your wireframes. A mobile site must be able to provide the essential information, other information is often less sought after by these types of devices but must nevertheless be able to remain accessible.

Put yourself in the shoes of the visitor

Think SEO by putting yourself in the shoes of the customer. The client reasoning primitively, he will type on the search engines basic keywords to define his envy and not the exact model of your product, except the clients you know and knowing exactly what they want. Observe the SEO standards will ensure you a good ranking on the search engines.

Example A  : I will type on the Internet “Coffee machine”, so if your machine is called “Pixie”, the latter is the keywords “Coffee machine” in its title, description and others so that Google indexes your product as a coffee machine, otherwise it will never appear in the list of results for this search.

Example B  : I’m going to type on the Internet “Pixie” because I know that I will this precise model of coffee machine, a priori your machine should stand out if you have worked well on this keyword within your site.

Do not neglect paid traffic via SEM, many Internet visitors click on the first links offered by the search engines. It can be very useful for branding or even to conquer new paying keywords in order to position you on it.

Another track to explore, trends, in order to be able to identify keywords rising in your market. For this Google provided an awesome tool that is Google Trends which allows you to identify in recent years the trend of keywords according to your market. This will allow you to position yourself on trends in vogue, you need to turn in directions with turnovers.

The visitor route is one thing to optimize within your site. The golden rule, each page must be accessible maximum in 3 clicks. Do tests on your site. All pages are accessible maximum in 3 clicks? If your number of clicks is higher to reach a page, it is a safe bet that you can widely optimize your customer journey through different processes in order to make your site more attractive, more friendly.

A new standard that is becoming increasingly available on the Internet today is accessibility, making your site accessible to people with visual, hearing, neurological or cognitive disabilities. Several standards are already in place such as Standard A, AA and AAA. Each one meets special requirements. Many companies are beginning to look at these standards in order to make their sites “accessible”. Moreover, some countries like Australia require e-merchants to have their sites “accessible” in order to comply with their standards. The United States is beginning to come to it gradually. It is a good bet that in the years to come, this criterion is integrated with the algorithm of Google and his colleagues.

Thinking about social networks

Social networks, the great subject of our time. All companies want to be present on these media but how many of them have a real strategy adapted to these media?

Being on social networks is good but to do what? If it is not for nothing, it is better to abstain. Many CEOs and CEOs underestimate the work that requires managing a page on a social network.

Being on all social networks is not necessarily a good idea as well. You can reserve your usernames on several social networks in order to avoid having your name duplicated or for future use.

Choose the social networks you want to set up. Facebook will be almost adapted to all businesses. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and others will be studied on a case by case basis depending on your target and your market.

For example: Snapchat is rather dedicated to brands targeting rather young targets.

Facebook offers an incredible opportunity to reach prospects via Facebook Ads.

Analyze your site traffic

Use an analysis solution so that you can follow your visitors on your sites and be able to understand their paths, interests and identify your least performing pages in order to improve them. The best known solutions are Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics

These data will be very valuable to you and will enable you to track your active visitors in real time, follow their actions within your e-Commerce , track your sales, analyze specific actions like clicks on a download button. See the origin of your visitors and maybe discover a new market you are launching if your audience is already interested in your products.

Track your digital campaigns and be able to optimize them thanks to the results retrieved via these interfaces.

Personally I have a small preference for Google Analytics because I have used this solution a lot, I am even certified by Google. Moreover, this solution proposed by Google is free, which makes it very attractive. So I feel very comfortable with this solution. It’s up to you to find the solution that suits you best and that meets your expectations.

Keeping in touch with your customers

Once visitors have been transformed into a customer, you have to keep this link that unites you in order to benefit from those customers already won by your brand and more likely to bring you revenue than new customers. For this based part of your marketing action plan on this communication with your customers, not just for every new product you launch. E-mails only sell to get saturated after a while and cause customer disinterest for your brand.

So it is best to try to establish some kind of dialogue, use your database to personalize these emails uniquely for each client, with their name / first name so that they feel directly targeted by the content of the e- E-mail.

If you are a fashion company for example, you can match the items bought from your customers with a new outfit to the perfect look that you have identified and write to its buyers for their proposed a new look for this summer. The seller part of the email must be minimal and discreet, the primary purpose is communication.

The popular newsletters are also a way, more salesperson to put forward your products to the liking of the moment as for example, the new collection for Halloween.

Shaping the shop in the image of your customers

Try different modifications on your site on different populations of visitors to evaluate future modifications on your sites. Say hello to the A / B Testing , a great tool nowadays that allows you to quickly test changes on your sites.

Market leading solutions such as Kameleoon offer you an interesting, customizable solution that is easy to handle.

You want to compare your product page with a green coloring button in red color. With the A / B Testing , you can easily see the difference between the two versions.

The implementation of this color difference test will take you 3 minutes to do through the tool of Kameleoon. You will then have to define a target that will see this test, as for example all the visitors of the site or those with defined criteria such as: During the second visit on this page or after x minutes of navigation on the site, etc …

Via the dashboards provided by the solution you will be able to see the conversion differences between the two versions and therefore choose to make your button color change to red if the tests were successful.

For having used this tool on e-commerce sites for more than a year, there is real interest in making modifications yourself without having to go through a service provider or the IT department, which is often very long in large structures for make small modifications on the site in order to test whether this is viable or not.

Nowadays the solution becomes more and more powerful, offering a sort of “Personalization” by identifying visitors according to their behaviors and classes in specific groups.

Retrieve visitors from other sites

Visitors who see your product pages but do not buy the product, there are plenty every day. How to recover these potential lost customers?

Do not ever watch the latest game console on the Darty website without buying it, then when browsing other sites, see small promotional images offering you this wonderful Darty gaming console. All this encourages you to click on the advertisement to go to the purchase deed.

This is called Remarketing. Several companies specialize in this technology and will offer their services to help you implement this solution for your e-Commerce store . Criteo is certainly one of the best known companies in this field.

E-Commerce Solution Online To Offline

This is intended for e-commerce retailers with physical stores.

We are in a period where we want things ever faster. Fast delivery, in 24 hours is for some too long. So why not take advantage of your physical signs, combined with your website to take advantage of this added value, because NO e-Commerce will never kill stores. On the contrary, they bring a synergy, a connection and relaunch the war of prices in stores, to make them always more attractive.

I had the chance to meet the team of EVOKE , a French startup, which offers innovative solutions and which I am very confident of development in the years to come. Online to Offline (O2O), the act of bringing customers online to physical stores.

Wondering how this is possible?

Simply by solutions such as:

  • Store Locato r – Locate the stores of the sign close to you. This encourages you to go to the store to try and buy your product.
  • Click & Collect – Order online on the site and have your order withdrawn in your shop, close to home. This concept generally allows you to withdraw your items physically a few minutes after your order. Orders for online food shopping and “Drive” withdrawals such as Carrefour are part of this system.
  • Set Up A Meeting – Make an appointment online directly on the site of the sign is a big advantage. I use this service through my smartphone to know the schedules of free and to reserve one in the Apple Store closest to my home when I need an Assistance.

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