How to Convert Your Videos into Quicktime Format with Movavi Video Converter

Convert Your Videos into Quicktime Format with Movavi Video Converter

Movavi Video Converter can convert almost any type of video into Apple QuickTime format. The software is built for beginners who are looking for easy to use software to convert large batches of videos. Everything is made easy with Movavi Video Converter from loading the video files to converting them. When loading the files, you just drag the file from the desktop or folder onto the gray open space that says “Drag your files here”.

The Quicktime converter also allows users to load files through the Add Media drop down menu. If your videos are on a DVD, you must pop in the DVD into your DVD ROM and select the Add DVD from the Add Menu drop down menu. When the file open dialog box appears, you must select the DVD and all the video files on it will be opened in the gray area.

When the video files are opened, it will show details like subtitles, audio, quality, codec, size and video file name. It offers a small preview area where you can preview the opened video. Previewing the video lets you know whether you have opened the correct video file. On the video thumbnail, you can also see the length of the video in hours, minute and second format. Pressing the Edit button will take you to the video editor where you can perform basic video editing such as crop, split, rotate and magic enhancement. If you open the wrong video, you can click on the small x button on the top right to remove it.

After opening the videos, the next step would be to select the MOV format under the Video/Popular tab. The MOV format is the Quicktime format and you can see a large blue Q on the icon. In the carousel list, you will also see many other video formats that the software supports in video conversion. It has a search box to the right side of the tab for helping you to quickly locate the video format that you are looking for.

After selecting the format, the Output format below will change to MOV. You can select the video files individually or not make any selection at all. If you did not select any video format, all the opened videos will be converted into the Quicktime format. Before pressing the Convert button, make sure you have already set the correct destination folder where the converted videos will be saved.

On the lower right corner, you will see the Join files option. Checking this box will join all the opened video files so that they become merged into a single video file. Finally, when you are ready to convert the video, you can press the Convert button to start the video conversion process. Depending on the number of videos that you are converting, it can take a few seconds to a few minutes for them to be fully converted.

Movavi Video Converter features a progress bar to let you know how much time you still need to wait until the video conversion process is completed. When it is completed, you can check the destination folder and play the converted video to see if you are satisfied with the result. Movavi Video Converter is available for download at the Movavi official site and you can use it for free on a 7 days trial period.

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