How To Miss Out On Its Inbound Markiting Startgy In 2018?

Inbound Marketing strategy

If, like some, you consider that setting up tools or support for your Inbound Marketing strategy is of no use to your business, here are some “useful” tips for missing its Inbound Marketing strategy .

Do not set a goal

  • Do not assign a percentage of revenue to Inbound marketing
  • Do not calculate the conversion rate of leads to clients

The inbound marketing is simple enough and easy, no need to set goals!

Do not define persona

  • Do not make a fictitious representation of your “ideal” clients based on real data and some assumptions
  • Do not define the behaviors, the problems, and the objectives of these personas

You know your customers anyway and you will manage to attract the right visitors to your websites and blog

Do not optimize its conversion tunnel

  • Forget the 3 main stages: discovery, evaluation, decision.
  • Do not propose content adapted to each of these three phases.

There is in any case no risk in losing commercial opportunities, or even in importing its targets and therefore in damaging its brand image.

SEO is no use

  • Do not determine which keywords or phrases your target uses when searching
  • Do not rely on tools like  Google Trends ,  Ubersuggest

The SEO does not help to better understand how your personas express themselves on the Web

Create bad content for your site

  • Be Classic! Only highlight the company’s actions: a product launch, an invitation to an event, a participation in a show, etc. And above all, forget your target.
  • Do not worry about your personas, if a potential customer is looking for information on your website, they will contact you …

Your targets do not share quality content and they do not need this content to buy your products.

Book the blog for individuals

  • A professional blog does not put forward your know-how and your expertise
  • Do not get traffic through social networks

It is too long to set up a blog and you do not have time to write relevant articles

Do not create Call-to-Action or Landing Pages

  • Do not encourage visitors to take action for them
  • Do not retrieve useful information about your visitors through forms on your landing pages.

After all, call-to-actions and landing pages (with their forms) do not constitute the foundation of the mechanics of converting visitors into prospects.

Do not advance your prospects in the funnel

  • Do not use a management tool for your campaigns such as  Plezi
  • Do not automate all the actions to be carried out and forget the dashboard to follow the progress.

Your prospects are always ready to make a purchase decision and Lead Nurturing will not change anything

Do not qualify your prospects

  • Do not distinguish leads that are likely to quickly become clients
  • Do not increase productivity by focusing on “good leads”

The “fingerprint” does not reveal information on the level of interest that a prospect shows, and lead scoring is wasting time on leads that will never be transformed.

Do not Enchant Clients on the Web

  • No longer produce content to keep a connection with your customers
  • Do not bet on future customers only with your products, your customers never feel forgotten.

Customer satisfaction should be limited to an after-sales service activity

After all these tips and if, ultimately, like many successful and modern companies, you want to carry out an optimal strategy of Inbound Marketing, Kinoa Agency can help you to carry out this reflection. We will accompany you in a continuous optimization process, and you will no longer make your decisions on simple intuitions.

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