Managing the family’s phone bills made easy

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The Airtel family plan is an excellent account and bill management facility. We explain how it works.

As a family, you share many moments of laughter and enjoyment. Since you have known each other for years and have literally grown up together, you know everything about each other. Through good times and bad, you have each other’s backs.

But each member of the household also has to shoulder certain duties. For instance, you may be in charge of financial management. This means that you settle the household bills, set budgets, check accounts and allot money for expenses. As part of these duties, you pay the entire household’s phone bills. It can be a chore, especially since every person’s bill due date is different. Then one family member may have a prepaid account while another may have a postpaid account.

Paying so many different bills by yourself can get annoying quite quickly. So instead of paying bills separately, why not enrol all your family’s Airtel accounts under its excellent family plan?

With this plan, it’s all in the family!

Paying the entire household’s phone bills, then tracking individual usage and cross checking to see each bill is correct or not – it is so cumbersome! And so, Airtel has introduced the excellent family plan – it clubs all the individual plans under one single plan, so one bill is generated for that account. However, there is no change made to the usage pattern and postpaid plan that each family member uses. So while you and your family members continue using your phones as before, account management and postpaid bill payment now become childishly simple!

This is how the plan works:

  • Ascertain that all members of the family have Airtel connections. You can then enrol for the family plan to pay the postpaid bill.
  • Enter each family member’s 10-digit Airtel number to enrol them for the plan. Confirm the numbers before proceeding.
  • The plan also allows you to share the Internet data with the entire family.
  • The plan allows you to That’s not all – you can track each person’s usage, and also set a limit on each person’s data use.
  • Under the plan, you get a single bill and you have to make only one single payment to cover every family member’s bill.
  • The plan can help get you savings of up to 20% per month.
  • You can add each family member for just Rs 299 per month.

Once you activate the family plan for Airtel postpaid bills, Airtlel sends you an SMS confirming that the plan is now live. Once you start using the plan, you will wonder how you ever managed to pay postpaid bills separately!

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