OffShoure Computing: Cultural Diffrence With Madascar

Cultural Diffrence With Madascar

The French business community knows little or very little about Madagascar. A good reason for Bocasay to lift the veil on this beautiful island.

Very far on a planisphere, Madagascar seems to be at the other end of the earth. But when you look at the time zones, it almost does not feel. Only one hour separates Antananarivo and Paris in summer, 2 hours in winter, the same as for London. Another point of rapprochement, the Malagasy speak and work in French. This is an asset when working with a company based there. Moreover, their way of working is very similar to ours.

To take just one example, Madagascar has kept a legal system and a Labor Code very similar to ours. “The working week is set at 40 hours. The test period and notice systems are the same. In other words, unlike a country like India where there is a big turnover, there is a very high level of stability in the Malagasy teams , “explains Julien Goumet, co-founder of Bocasay.

The management of a career plan and the notion of time

On the other hand, the approach of time in Madagascar is significantly different. The notions of short, medium and long term are not approached in the same way. This implies for companies such as Bocasay  to put in place genuine ambitious career plans: assessment of skills, training, objectives to be achieved. Tools that ultimately help developers to always be as motivated.

Differences that are never irreconcilable

There are certain differences of approach which are of course never irreconcilable. Be careful, however, never to underestimate the work of communication and management. The way of working may be close, France and Madagascar are not identical. “In Madagascar, it is essential to integrate employees in decision-making, in order to break the paternalistic management that still remains on the rest of the island,” emphasizes Julien Goumet.

“A Malagasy chose to be a developer by passion. He wants to show that he has made progress, “adds the entrepreneur, hence the importance of maintaining and developing strong values. “At Bocasay , we have built a strong corporate culture. This allows us to share more with our teams . If it is necessary to be patient, working in Madagascar remains “a formidable experience of sharing and questioning”.

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