Prominence of Coming Soon Page for Website Owners

Prominence of Coming Soon Page for Website Owners

Have you planned on representing your services online? Whether it is related to any business or product, you can pre-promote your WordPress site to reach your targeted audience. Since you have to work on your website after purchasing the domain, you can keep the background process active by using coming soon page. It simply helps in highlighting the brand and makes the visitors aware of your upcoming site.

Coming Soon – An In-Depth Information

It could be the first page that you set for your visitors and let them know about your online presence by using texts and images. You can format the texts using vivid colors and style it with numerous fonts. The best thing is that you can even choose images depending on your needs.

Before discussing further, let’s know the features of this type of pages used for WP site-

Features of Coming Soon Plugin

  • It helps in running at most 20 tests on SEO to provide actionable advice
  • You can choose themes up to 20+ when using PRO license version,and extra Agency pack comes with extra 30+ themes that sum to 50+
  • It gives you the facility to choose animated as well as static image background that relates your product/ service
  • You will get at most 9 predefined positions for the background image and 27 Instagram-like filters for the convenience
  • It is possible to add and play YouTube video in muted mode
  • Get up to 700 Google fonts to choose any specific one for texts
  • Addition of location is possible when you want your visitors to know about your business place via maps
  • You can add zoom level and adjust the map height to make it more responsive
  • You get the feature to add your social accounts on the predefined icons and divert your traffic to your profile

All these features are the possibilities that you can make using coming soon plugin. You can also add a countdown timer to make your targeted audience aware of the launch date and time. In this way, you can enhance the number of visitors on day one.

Suppose you are looking for good quality themes and WordPress plugin, you can take help of plugins repository at TidyRepo. With this approach, it becomes quite easy to build your website as per your requirement.

Some Valuable Tips

After launching your site, you might feel free from making any changes in the site. However, there is a need for testing new themes in the upcoming days to make your site more appealing and attractive. In this context, you need to use WordPress reset rather than uninstalling and reinstalling of the same. It is the modern way of testing new themes and plugins such that you can save your time.

During this period, there is a possibility that your site won’t work properly. It is better to use coming soon page again. Now, you have to make the visitors aware of the background work such that you won’t lose anyone. For any professional help, you can hire us.

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