Softwear Editor And Ssii / Esn: Why Use Offshore It Outsourcing?

Today, IT development companies may need a trusted partner.

Everyone may be required to outsource their offshore IT project, including software vendors or IT services providers (ESNs). As the market has matured, publishers’ software is more or less comparable. Creativity and the presence of specific features are important criteria. However, “what makes the difference is customer service and price,” says Bocasay co-founder Romain Juillet. This is a trend that is also found in computer service companies.

With the development of digital, there is a dearth of developers in France and around the world. Moreover, the turnover is very high, which is why the recruitment conditions and the maintenance of a complete technical team internally is difficult. In addition, the developers can not always be seduced by proposing to work on the latest technologies. “Yet, it is necessary to ensure the maintenance of the software while advancing the roadmap at the risk of being caught speed by its competitors, “recalls Romain Juillet.

A new lease of life for software companies and software companies

There are two constraints that offshore IT outsourcing can solve. First of all the price: it takes between 75 and 100K € per year and per developers in France. For a project estimated at 10 man-years of development for example, it is necessary to provide a small million euros of budget. By going through a serious web agency based in Madagascar, “the service costs 3 to 5 times less,” says the entrepreneur. This price differential increases the flexibility of companies by allowing them to be more responsive and competitive in the market.

Apart from the financial aspect, the use of a provider makes it possible to quickly find qualified technical resources. With the problems of recruitment of developers that we know today, this is essential to stay in the race against its competitors in a society that evolves as fast as ours.

Of course, the technical expertise and knowledge of the client must remain in France. However, considering offshore IT outsourcing offers a new opportunity to develop its expert business.

But why outsource the technical aspect while it is my job?

Developing is the core business of software publishers and IT services companies. It would therefore be difficult to envisage resorting to offshore computer development. At Bocasay , we have an innovative approach, in which we do not try to replace the teams already set up in France, but rather to strengthen them. To do this, we dedicate a technical team from our offshore web agency in Madagascar. Offshore developers come to replace the existing team. Indeed, they will ensure the continuous production and maintenance according to the guidelines of the French developers.

Offshore computer subcontracting, where to start?

Software publishers and IT consultants must already take stock internally of whether they are structured enough to work with developers who are not physically next to them. It is necessary to have the right tools (versioning, ticketing, chat, etc.) and the right processes (standup meeting, weekly meetings, etc.) to manage and manage many developers. Then the next step is to find a trusted partner with whom it is possible to work serenely over the long term. This partner must be able to propose and keep good profiles of developers in a square legal framework. The ideal is to find a partner with the same time slot and speaking the same language as the internal teams to facilitate the exchanges.

Bocasay , a French legal company with a subsidiary in Madagascar with more than 50 employees, is positioning itself today as a trusted partner for software publishers and IT service companies in France.

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