The Best Ideas for Designing a Premium Homepage for Your Website


Designing a website seems, to the novice, something that needs to be left to the experts – something that appears so complicated that it’s impossible to do right unless you’ve studied it. The truth is, however, that any person who can work systematically, logically, and has a decent eye for layout and format can create an amazing website.

If you want to start an online community or business, it’s only normal you want your website; it’s practically impossible to do without nowadays. So how do you start? What do you look for? Here are the best ideas for designing a premium homepage for your website.

Create a map

Your website will include a homepage with links to several other pages. Before you start, draw a diagram of this. You’ll need to create a navigation bar and links to the other pages; as a rule of thumb, the less pages you have, the easier your website is to navigate, so try to keep it as simple as possible. Draw your navigation diagram – the map – and try to make it straightforward and short.

Focus on the homepage

When a visitor goes to your site, the homepage is the page they will often see first– which means it’s arguably the most important one of the site. That’s where you have to explain what you are all about, where you pique the interest, and draw your customer in. Make your homepage great; focus on it.

Research your target demographic

Your content (the format, the colour and graphics, the information) should always be based on what the customer likes and needs, not on what you find attractive or pretty. Your website is a marketing tool, so do your research about your target demographic and see how they like it.


You may have a great website, but it’s going to be useless if it’s not getting any traffic. Write content that inspires your visitors and targets them, and ensure it gets recognised and referred by search engines through SEO optimisation.


Keep your format and layout as simple and as effective as possible; never clutter. If you need ideas, there are many formats you can find online that have long proven that they work.

Tell them what to do

Create a call-to-action right away, clearly visible, as the experts from Xist2 will tell you. Tell visitors to buy or contact you; engage them. Tell your visitor what to do.

When designing your website, make sure you sell, sell, sell – whether you want to address a specific issue or whether you want to sell products for profit, promote aggressively (but smartly); you may not have another chance and your visitor needs to know what you are all about at first glance.

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