The Trends Of Inbound Markitng In 2018

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Inbound Marketing has become an essential part of a marketing strategy for a few years. Whether it’s for cost reasons , a lead costs 61% less with Inbound Marketing than with traditional marketing, says Invesp , but also efficiency, a conversion rate on its website which doubles (6 % to 12%) according to Invesp . Inbound Marketing than with traditional marketing, says Invesp , but also efficiency, a conversion rate on its website which doubles (6 % to 12%) according to Invesp .

Below is a list of strategies to be implemented or strengthened for the coming year.

Provide interactive content

  • Several formats are possible: survey, questionnaire, computer graphics, computers, videos, podcasts etc.
    • It should however be noted that it is the video format that will be preferred. According to ComScore , after viewing a video, 64% of readers are more likely to buy a product. It should also be noted that the use of Youtubecontinues to evolve over time, with consumption increasing by 100% each year.
    • One can easily say that the new format to be plebiscite, if it is not already done for you, is the video. Here are some examples of how to use your videos:
      • Think about the content of the video . Highlight the benefits, features, mechanism and how to get the product, service is a good way to convince a prospect.
      • Webinars are also a good way to discover the features of your offer. Indeed, they usually allow you to focus on the strengths or even the differentiating elements of your product or service.
      • Responding to FAQs through a short video can be a way to more easily capture the attention of its target.
      • Social networks are the preferred channel for this content type. Indeed, the “social videos” today produce 1200% more shares than the text and images confused according to HubSpot . Moreover, according to Social Media Today 8 billion videos are seen per day on average on Facebook. It should also be noted that, according to Digiday , 85% of the videos of the social network are seen without sound . This can be explained by the fact that videos must be able to capture attention without the help of sounds.
  • Integrate them into other marketing actions. Insivia says that integrating videos on its landing pages would increase conversions by 80% and boost the CTR by 200-300% on an emailing.

Enrich the content of his blog:

    • Visual content. Generally more attractive to the eye, it is also generally more shared on social networks than an article lambda.
    • Long-format articles. Forbes tells us that privileging articles containing more than 2000 words allows a better position on the search engines .
    • Be compatible on mobile. More and more traffic comes from mobile devices , which is why it is essential to be able to be read on all formats.

Promoting UGC (User Generated Content)

OfferPop informs us that 85% of consumers claim to find the UGC more influential than the content created by brands (photos or videos). This is why it is important to have a network of ambassadors and share their content if they promote your offer.

Automate marketing and sales processes

In 10 years, the purchasing process has evolved a lot and now, according to a HubSpot study , only 19% of buyers want to talk to a sales representative during the completion phase of the purchase process. The latter prefer self-service , that is, they buy either directly online or contact the sales teams when they need them. Sales representatives nowadays have increasingly a support function for content on the web.

  • The effect of the Uber phenomenon has been to raise the level of customer demand . They now expect self-service and personalized self-service , which means having on-demand information, direct online assistance (cats) and so on.

Create personas

Creating buyer personas will allow you to establish the profile (s) of your main segments and know what content to put forward to capture them: they will somehow guide your marketing content strategy . In this process, you will learn, for example, to identify the problems they encounter in order to find an adequate solution. In order to offer content with high added value, it must be verified that it meets one of the following vocations: educate, inform, entertain, help.

To enlarge and to make nurturing with its list of registered (newsletters etc)

Email marketing is not dead. Indeed, according to EmailMonday , 74% of companies believe that it still figured among the most profitable channels today. However, this is due to developments such as personalization of the message or collection methods . According to a study conducted by DMA , segmented campaigns would record 760% increase in income from emails. The message has also changed a lot, using more and more a nurture approach . Formerly focused on the promotion of offers, this one now comes to feed the reader of information that interests him (remember the content must eithereducate, inform, entertain or assist ). This will leave a prospect in a growing interest for you, gradually leading to becoming one of your customers.

This is where Marketing Automation comes in. This type of tool will automate certain routine marketing actions and propose to the prospect a personalized content according to its behavior on a site, for example. This in order to make nurturing and gradually bring it to the act of purchase. Several methods can be used to create a list of participants.

    • Provide downloadable content (white papers, etc.) visible on related articles. These must be visible at all times , even when the user scrolled the page.
    • Offer your readers webinars on your products, services in return for information.

Among all the changes you will have to make for 2017, video will be an essential part of this strategy. However, be sure to also identify your different targets to create content with real added value. Finally, if you have not already done so, you will have everything to gain by launching the automation of your marketing actions: saving time and increasing personalization.

If you need advice on how to orient your Inbound Marketing strategy , please do not hesitate to contact us .

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