Tips To Hire Drone Services For Your Real Estate Business

Hire Drone Services

Imagine a video clip of a property that shows you the house and the lawns from all sides. Now imagine another clip that provides you a sweeping overhead view of the property and the landscape. As a prospective buyer, which one will you find more interesting and captivating? It’s likely to be the second video, right? This is where drones come into the picture.

Drones go beyond the limitations of on-the-ground cameras to capture enticing footage of the property. With more and more real estate agents realizing the benefits of using drones for their business, the use of these flying wonders is on the rise. But before you engage a drone service for your business, you have to keep some things in mind. Here are a few effective tips to hire drone services for your real estate business.

Check the license

Be aware that drones need licenses to be operated for commercial purposes. If you are planning to hire a drone service to do a video or photo shoot of a property, make sure that you check the service provider’s license first. Flying a drone is no child’s play. It needs knowledge of weather systems, flight maps, and passing a test. After that, the individual is provided with a license certifying that he/she is capable of flying the machine for commercial ventures. It’s not a good idea to go ahead with an unlicensed service provider. You can put your own real estate license at risk. So, to be on the safe side, always look for a licensed operator.

Confirm the insurance

The next step is to confirm that your drone service provider has insurance. As is the case with the license, this is also an uncompromising aspect that you need to keep in mind when selecting your drone service provider. Check that the service provider has aviation insurance. Know that this is different from the general liability insurance. Also, check for the insurance amount. It must not be a meager amount. After all, you won’t want to pay out of your pocket if the drone causes any kind of damage to the property. Even if your brokerage has liability protection, it’s wise to go with a service provider who is insured.

Evaluate work samples

A drone operator who has the license and insurance part in place does not automatically qualify to handle your work. The essential thing is how well they can fly the drone. If they can’t get you the footage or shots you want, it won’t make any sense to hire them, isn’t it? So, assess the quality of their work. Well, that’s not the end of it. You need to get a work sample that relates to the type of shot you would like to have. This will give you an idea about the ability of the operator in capturing compelling aerial videos or still shots of the property. If you are not sure where to start looking for an able drone operator, check out the drone video awards from AirVuz. You can have an idea of the operator skill level from the videos before you go ahead with the hiring part.

Know about the services provided

You need to know what kind of services is provided by the operator. Are they going to capture just aerial footage or will they do the exterior and interiors as well? Do they provide just the raw footage? Capturing the footage is not the end of drone videography. When you want to transform your footage into interesting video for your clients, you need to do post-production work on it. Ask your service provider whether they edit the footage and present it as a finished product or not. Often post-production becomes an extensive part of the whole project. If you are not sure of handling the job yourself, it’s better to go with someone who can do it for you.

Consider the cost

Nothing comes for free and drone services are no exception. But it’s also important to keep your budget in mind. Since a large number of drone operators are venturing into the real estate market, you can get operators catering to various budgets. Of course, if you need high-end photo/video services, you will have to pay a reasonable price. Also, if your service provider offers to do the post-production work on your raw footage, it will mean spending of some more money. But considering the advantages of such videos for your business, it can be a good marketing investment on your behalf.

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