Which is the most popular CRM system in Singapore?

most popular CRM system in Singapore

Finding a CRM system able to answer to all the particularities of the business climate in Singapore is not always easy. As you already know, the business climate here is a highly competitive one, and although it offers plenty of opportunities for businesses of all kinds, it also requires high efforts from business owners. But certain CRM products available on the international profile market seem to bring a multitude of benefits to businesses even in South Asian countries. One popular CRM system in Singapore seems to be the one developed by the talented IT engineers at bpm’online. It offers reliable solutions for diverse areas of a company’s activity and depending on the establishment’s specifics, clients can opt for a product with all integrated, or they can even opt for separated products. Below are three of the most popular CRM tools available on the market, tools with high rates of success in the Singapore market.


An out-of-the-box solution for businesses of various dimensions, this CRM app is an amazing tool for businesses searching for automation opportunities. For instance, the CRM software dedicated to the Singapore audience is able to deliver a multitude of opportunities in terms of marketing, sales force automation and customer service.

  • The sales force automation tool will help employees with proposal preparation, calculate pricings and identify opportunities.
  • The marketing tool will help employees in the dedicated departments create feasible marketing campaigns, such as email marketing campaigns, identify leads improve the relationship with those by repeated interactions;
  • The customer relations tool will provide the opportunity to reduce the necessary time for these tasks by including a series of pre-established answers to some of the most frequent questions a client might have.

The product can be found at https://www.bpmonline.com/crm/singapore, and companies using it claim to have increased productivity and profitability since then.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The app is developed in such a fashion to concentrate all popular features that may come into handy for business automation purposes. It is highly adaptable and it comes into all departments’ help when it comes to automating the processes. It provides extraordinary features of diminishing the inherent risks that come with new products, services or solution implementation, assisting all teams to work more productively with smaller chances of failure. The solutions offered by this app are:

  • Automated financial processes;
  • Automated customer relationship processes;
  • Automated supply chain.

All interested enterprises can find out more about the product on Microsoft official page: www.microsoft.com.

PlanPlus CRM

PlanPlus CRM

Yet another smart tool from CRM purposes is the PlanPlus CRM. This CRM database will offer:

  • Activity database solutions;
  • Group management;
  • Lead management;
  • Prospecting tools;
  • Customer pipeline;
  • Email marketing;
  • Contact import/export;
  • Prospecting tools;

If interested in this product, you can visit the vendor’s official page. Also, there you will find more in depth information about it: www.planplusonline.com/.

These are three of the most popular CRM tools available on the Singapore market. Before investing in one, make sure that you assess your business’ specifics and select a tool accordingly.

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